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If you have access to Internet, whereever you are, your children can study official school program while staying at home.

Your children can study Kinder being guided and supervised by a tutor and teachers. We provide truly personal attention to every child we have. They can feel kindness and heartful feelings of the parents and teachers even staying at home. At the same time they can dedicate their efforts to other activities like sports, dancing, painting, acting. On the other hand we always follow their activities and assignments in studies to ensure that all of them fulfill the program requirements.

Enrollment is open Attendance: Virtual | Grades: 1

Starting from the first grade in US education standards your children will study obligatory subjects. But one of the most important adjustments we offer is the local version of the Social Sciences curriculum according to their permanent residence location. This allows to offer integral education, giving your children general and specific knowledge, teaching them good habbits and human values. Our tutors in collaboration with parents help pupils to evolve and later continue their education in the Middle and High Schools in the country of their residence. We use Google's platform to ensure highest level of satisfaction and technical compatibility with different computer and Internet capable devices.

Enrollment is open Attendance: Virtual | Grades: 5

One of the major goals for parents is to offer continuity in the studies of their children, when they follow grades in the same educational institution with the same quality standards. Hence during all these years we work with Middle and High school pupils right up to their graduation.

Years spent in the middle and high school develop lots of abilities required for education and adult life. Like cognitive, axiological, even motor skills. Pupils must study all subjects required by educational to be able to present the exams and enroll to the university in US or other country.

If the pupil wants US diploma he also must present TOEFL exam with a 85% perfomance rate at least to be eligible. At the same time all subjects and areas of the same importance and we are praticing multiple intelligence pedadogy to perfect pupil's knowledge in their favourite subjects and building strong knowledge in other ones.

Enrollment is open Attendance: Virtual | Grades: 7


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You can reinforce your English level through different activities while practicing with other people.

For Spanish speaking people we invite to visit the following educational site La Mansión del Inglés built for Spanish people in mind.