About Us

Miami Virtual School contributes to the development of the Americas through the use of information technology, telematics and state-of-the-art technologies as a tool for peacebuilding, economic development, social equity and democracy.

Our vision

Miami Virtual School always is concerned in impact which science and technology has in our society. We a focused in raising children with a clear sight for the future, willing to participate in construction of the better future for the country and people living in it. Their experience in IT, computing and computers are tools for peaceful and safer life, economic development, democracy and social stability.

Our mission

The mission of the school is to guide students through the curriculum and the learning process by using computer technologies. The curriculum of the Miami Virtual School is composed of the basic subjects that every student must manage to be eligible for the degree of Bachelor. The pace of study of each subject is managed by teachers specialized in each area. The program is oriented so that the students develop individual research skill and knowledge of the basic concepts, especially ethical and social which all school students must have.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Miami Virtual School is based on a solid ground of practical experience and pedagogycal concepts aimed at raising of men and women with respect and appreciation of the intellectually competent, ethically structured people with abilities and skills. Our pupils must be honest, sensible, disciplined, responsible, capable to manage and transform computer technologies easily. They must be conscious of their own cultural identity and help to grow this aspects in other students strengthening their family unity and respect, sense of creation and invention. All through a solid educational project with emphasis on values, foreign languages, computers and information technologies that will satisfy their human needs and contribute to the improvement and development of all human beings.