Our Pedagogical Model

he educational project has opted for pedagogy of Virtual Education, which can be implemented by means of Virtual Education and its concepts. Here we understand a “person” as individual with autonomous will; unique; surpassing levels of excellence; individual, active and creative thinking; capable to accept critics; free and responsible; sociable and caring nature.

Person with skill; potential, existential needs and axiological thinking; with different types of intelligence: linguistic, logical, alghoritmical, mathematical, spatial, physical, musical, inter and intra personal; naturist, transcendental.

From the methodological point of view we adopt the proposal of Project Zero, introduced by the Education for International Understanding through conductive wire, generative topics, understanding goals, performances of understanding and ongoing assessment. These principles seek forging of a good citizen, autonomous, critical, supportive, creative, free, responsible, investigative, supportive and willing to contribute to national development.